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UVA Regalia

The University of Virginia has adopted the Jefferson style academic gown. Virginia's Jefferson style is designed with simplicity and comfort in mind, featuring fully lined bell sleeves and a zipper closure. The gown is navy, with navy velvet panels and chevrons with orange cording, and is adorned with an orange Rotunda on each velvet panel.

Academic Hoods

Academic hoods are designed to represent your scholastic degree, discipline and Alma Mater. The official design of the academic hood has been specified by the American Council on Education. The velvet trim represents your discipline and the satin lining represents the official colors of your College or University.


The velvet tams are carefully tailored to complement your Oak Hall gown. The University has adopted a navy blue 6-cornered velvet Tam with a 2-button silky tassel.

Regalia Purchase

Custom regalia purchase deadline is March 1st.