What is student charge?

Student Charge is a $999 line of credit connected to your student ID that is INTEREST FREE. Unlike Cavalier (Cav) Advantage, Student Charge can only be used to purchase items at the UVA Bookstore.

What is the difference between Student Charge and Cav Advantage?

Cavalier Advantage is a declining balance account on your student ID card; funds are added and must be available in order to make a purchase. Student Charge is an interest-free line of credit to be used at the UVA Bookstore. Bills from Student Charge purchases are sent permanent address on file for the student and online under your SIS account. To make a purchase with Cavalier Advantage, the balance on your account would simply decrease and no bill is sent. Students should specify "Cavalier Advantage" or "Student Charge" to the Bookstore cashier when making a purchase, and they must present their student ID.

How do I apply for a Student Charge account?

You do not need to apply for a Student Charge account. As soon as you get your student ID, you can use it to make Student Charge purchases at the UVA Bookstore.

What is my Student Charge account number?

Your Student Charge account number is your student ID number.

Is there a limit to the amount I can charge?

There is a $999 limit to for UVA Bookstore textbook and general merchandise purchases.

Am I able to use Student Charge anywhere else on grounds?

No, Student Charge is a Bookstore-specific program.

How do I pay off my account?

Your Student Charge bill will be sent to your permanent address or available online under your SIS account. Bills can be paid online through UVAPay using your financial aid, check or credit card. You can also pay it off in person.

Are there any fees associated with this account?

No, your Student Charge account is interest free.

How do I select the Student Charge method when I order books online?

Once you have entered your information and shipping/pickup preference, you will be prompted to “Select a Method of Payment” from the Payment Method dropdown. Simply select STUDENT CHARGE and then enter your UVA ID number as well as the $ amount you would like applied.