Our partnership with publishers and faculty allows us to offer your course materials at the best price on the first day of class

All students enrolled in courses participating in Inclusive Access are automatically opted in to the program and will be charged so that everyone has access to the materials on the first day of class. Course materials can be accessed through Canvas,. If you cannot access your course materials, please let us know. Please also note that the UVA Bookstore cannot process refunds after the add/drop deadline.

While the price varies depending upon the platform and content used by the instructor, Inclusive Access prices are lower than the cost of purchasing access directly from the publisher, and average 50% to 70% below the cost of a new, printed text. All enrolled students who have not opted out of the program or dropped the course will have the discounted price billed to their UVA Bookstore Student Charge Account. Students have 30 days to pay their account off from the date of the charges.

You will only be charged for the Inclusive Access materials if you remain opted in to the program and once the add/drop deadline has passed.

How to Opt-Out of Inclusive Acccess

All students will receive a Welcome email and located at the bottom of that email is a link that will take them to their Student Portal where they can opt out.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact the UVA Bookstore Textbook Department at UVAInclusiveAccess@virginia.edu for further assistance.